Marketing 101 – Part 1

marketingI will be writing a series of blogs on marketing in the coming weeks and months and hope you will find them helpful and enlightening.

For all those business owners and entrepreneurs out there, here is a very helpful, time tested, proven, step-by-step process on how to completely redefine and redesign your business marketing strategy.

Many successful business owners don’t know and understand the basic real life applications of advertising and marketing, as it relates to their business.

Let’s assume that you are the best in your business, and that you provide a service or sell a product that is in demand. If you have the drive and motivation to be #1 in your field (and do it in a moral, ethical way), you may have what it takes!

If your heart burns with dedication, motivation and an all encompassing feeling of being the best and standing out in your industry, then PLEASE READ.

Before we go on, you should agree to all of the following:

  • You must keep an open mind to doing things differently.
  • You must continue to learn and be educated and knowledgeable about the industry you are in.
  • You can never be complacent.
  • You must be willing to try new things.

You must be the person that controls and designs your own marketing plan for your business; obviously you can have help, but you must be the one that is in charge.

Please understand that many changes can be subtle, some may be big, and many things don’t cost anything but consistency, perseverance and passion.

If you are interested, please stay tuned to the next blog…

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