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Corn Carpet

Corn CarpetCorn Carpet is made from corn. It has stain resistant properties already built into each individual fiber. Compared to most other carpets, the durability of corn carpet is also superior.

Corn Carpet comes from inedible corn which is converted into corn starch. Then by adding special ingredients the corn is polymerized into a bio-plastic. The material is then pushed into an extruder and spun into yarn. Although most carpet is plastic, what makes corn carpet special is that the plastic is bio based (although the backing and sticking is plastic, and there is glue used to assemble the carpet).

Corn Carpet is very resistant to most common stains such as food, oil, dirt, grease, etc. Some types of stains (such as urine, paint thinner, etc.) can damage the backing but not the surface fibers. These stains would normally not do damage to the carpet, but in a larger quantity or if allowed to sit for an extended period of time it could break down the latex in the backing.

When comparing different carpet fibers we have found that Perlon ™ Corn Polymers allow for wear resistance that is superior to a similarly constructed nylon. We have found that it has a performance level of a wool fiber without the problems associated with wool.

It takes a tremendous amount of corn to create this textile, and there is some controversy in the marketplace about using our food sources for carpet. This is similar to oil companies using corn for new types of fuel, which in the long run may add to the higher costs of fuel, textiles and corn based foods.

Marketing 101 – Part 3

Putting Together the Right Message

The “key to the vault” in marketing is a message that differentiates you from all of your competitors.

List everything you offer and compare that list to what all of your competitors offer (no matter how small or obvious).

Out of these two lists you need to focus on what you have to offer that is unique to you and your company.

Next is to create a “USP” or “Unique Selling Proposition”. Your USP can be used to explain the theme of your business, product or service.

Examples: “Fresh, Hot Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed” (Domino’s Pizza)

Describes 2 product benefits, a 30-minute delivery time and a guarantee

To hone your marketing mind, you need to become USP-sensitive and ask these 4 questions about every business, product or service you encounter in your daily life:

1. Does this business have a USP?
2. If not, can you think of one?
3. If so, can I improve it?
4. Are there any ideas I can use for my own company?

I did this for many weeks before I came up with my USP:

Delaware Valley Carpet Cleaning: “Cleaner – Greener – Guaranteed”

It’s simple: I infer that I do a better job cleaning the carpets than my competition, I use Organic and Green Cleaning products, and all the work the completely guaranteed.

When you set out to attract a new, prospective customer to your business for the first time, there is one paramount question you must answer:

“Why should this person choose my business/product/service versus my competition?”

Carpet Spot Cleaning Tips

Carpet Spot CleaningCarpet Spot CleaningMost carpets today have been treated with some type of fabric protectant or sealant, but that does not mean your carpet is completely dirt or spill proof. You will have better results removing the stain if you attempt to remove it when it happens, rather than waiting. The longer you wait, the higher the possibility that the stain will become permanent.

  1. Always pre-test the fabric you are cleaning to ensure that it is colorfast. Pre-testing can be done simply by applying the cleaning agent to a part of the carpet where you can’t see it, and blot for 30 seconds. Make sure there is no damage to the yarn, loss of color, or color transfer.
  2. You should always use a dry white terry cloth towel or plain white paper towel to remove stains (never use a colored towel or printed paper towels as the color from the towel can seep into the carpet).
  3. Start by blotting up the wet stain carefully until almost dry. If it is a dry spill or if the liquid spill has some solids to it, gently scrape off the carpet and vacuum any amount you can with a Shop-Vac or a dry/wet vac.
  4. Don’t be aggressive and never scrub the carpet, as you risk distorting the yarn permanently which will create a wear mark where you are cleaning.
  5. Put some of the cleaning agent on the white towel and work it in onto the stain.
  6. Repeat continuously but gently until the stain has been removed. You need to be patient, as it could take several minutes or longer to remove the stain.
  7. Once the stain has been removed, lightly rinse the spot with cold water to remove as much as the cleaning agent as possible.
  8. Please note that although many cleaning chemicals may be safe for carpets, if they are not completely removed they will attract dirt very quickly to the spot.

Marketing 101 – Part 2

After 20 years of owning a successful business, I thought I was doing everything correctly with my marketing. But one day I had a realization that I never had before – I was becoming stale, stagnate, over-confident and rigid with my business decisions. I have spent my entire adult life taking a lot of time, effort, and money to create and grow my business, and now it is time to reap the rewards of all that hard work.

What was left to do or left to try that I haven’t done or tried before? Probably nothing. Wow, I was so wrong! I was making the same mistakes most companies make when finally reaching the top of their industry… continuing to do the same things as always. Eastman-Kodak used this strategy. They were slow to the digital market and slow to change and were banking on their previous success. They created many production facilities to produce and sell small cheap film cameras to people in developing countries. What they failed to realized is that because the digital technology became cheaper and cheaper, the people in these countries chose digital cameras instead of film. This failure to change their strategy was a huge mistake from which Kodak has never recovered.

You need to look at your relationship with your business as parenting to a child. You parent differently when your child is 12 than you did when he or she was 2. Your child is growing up and maturing, and so are you with how you need to parent to that child. Your company is the same. The strategies I used for my business in 2012 or 1993 were different from those I used in 1987. Change is good for a company; it allows you to remain competitive in the market and grow with the changing times.

Green Carpet Care

Here are some tips to a greener and healthier method of cleaning your carpets.

  • Vacuum your carpet thoroughly and frequently. Cross vacuuming is important (vacuuming in different directions to ensure all sides of the yarn is vacuumed correctly).
  • Make sure the vacuum is on the proper height setting.
  • Change the vacuum cleaner bag when it is no more than 75% full.
  • Always use a vacuum cleaner with a multi filter and/or HEPA filtration bag and/or filters.
  • Always use Green cleaning products when spot cleaning the carpet and never use any sprays or powders on carpet or upholstery. Many of these products can break down and attract more dirt and dust in the future.
  • All cleaning solutions used on your carpet should be neutral based pH (not alkaline or acidic).
  • Spot clean spots as soon as you can to prevent the spots from attracting dirt.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned on a consistent schedule every 6-12 months. Choose a carpet cleaning company that uses a low moisture cleaning system and that utilizes green and or organic cleaning products. If you’re in the Southern New Jersey area, visit our website at for information about our organic carpet cleaning services.
  • Never over wet the carpets when cleaning. Make sure the carpets are dry within 4-6 hours to avoid any problems such as mold growth and floor damage.

A carpet filled with dirt and dust can have a negative health effect in your home or office. Keeping your carpets as clean as possible will add to a healthier environment.

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