The Big Problem with Steam Cleaning (“Hot Water Extraction”)

steam cleaning

Let’s think about this, if dirty water is removed from your carpet, but the carpet is left wet when the cleaning is done, isn’t the moisture left in the carpet just the same dirty water? Tests have proven that in order to remove all the dirty water to an acceptable level in a carpet with Hot Water Extraction (or “Steam Cleaning”); the carpets would have to be rinsed 16 times!

The two biggest complaints from consumers when getting their carpets cleaned are:

1. The carpet was left too wet and took long to dry.
2. The spots and stains resurfaced after the carpet had completely dried.

Many carpet cleaning companies are still trying to clean carpets “the old way”, utilizing old-fashioned Steam Cleaning (“Hot Water Extraction”). You’ve seen them with the big loud vans out front with hoses running across the yard into the house. This is a 40 year old process than can leave your carpets wet for many hours or days.

Steam Cleaning utilizes high water pressure, high pH (alkaline) detergents, and hot water to clean. This process forces chemicals, hot water and dirt to the backing and padding under the carpet. Only 60-80% of the water is sucked out; that is because the carpet and padding are soaked and may take a very long time to dry. This also can cause mold and mildew, odor problems, and fast re-soiling. Not to mention the inconvenience of it all!

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