How To Remove Gum from Carpet

gum on carpet

  • First, try using ice. Put ice on the gum and press. The gun will become hard and brittle, making it easier for you to scrape off the carpet.
  • If ice doesn’t work, apply 1 teaspoon of peanut butter to the spot and press into the gum. Remove the gum with damp washcloth, then rinse with a little soap and water to remove the peanut butter residue, then rinse again with water to remove the soap residue.
  • If that doesn’t work, try a little of olive or vegetable oil as a LAST RESORT. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and blot with paper towels.
  • WD-40 is a flammable solvent that is very successful in removing gum, nut it can de dangerous to clean with. If used, you must clean the area with soap and water and rinse, then rinse again and towel dry.
  • You can also try vinegar. Soak the gum in vinegar, let it sit for 15 minutes then try to remove the gum. Blot (do not rub), and scrape off carefully.

As with any carpet cleaning procedures, try on an inconspicuous spot before you move on to visible areas.

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